College Physics - Third Semester - Virginia Tech

These notes deal with chapters on Electromagnetic Radiation and Optics. There is a lot of material here and it is presented "as is."  There are some errors hiding, so be careful.  The goal is to supplement lectures and reading with the "meat" of the topics.

Unfortunately, they use a format that will not open in Windows XP unless you download the "Journal Reader" from Microsoft HERE.  They can be read in all versions of Vista and above without any extra software. 

They cannot be read on a MAC.  Sorry.... Don't you think it's time to get a REAL computer, anyway?


Chapter 21_ Electric Charge and Electric fields ver2.jnt

Chapter 22_ Gauss's Law.jnt

Chapter 23 - Electric Potential.jnt

Chapter 24_ Capacitance and Dielectrics.jnt

Chapter 25 current. Resistance, Electromotive force.jnt

chapter 26 -Direct Current Circuits.jnt

chapter 27 magnetic field and Magnetic forces.jnt

Chapter 28_ Sources of Magnetic field.jnt

Chapter 29- Electromagnetic Induction.jnt

Chapter 30_Inductance.jnt

Chapter 31  Alternating Current.jnt

Chapter 32- Electromagnetic Waves.jnt

Chapter 33_ The Nature and Propagation of Light.jnt

Chapter 34_ Geometric Optics.jnt

Chapter 35 Interference.jnt

Chapter 36_ Defraction.jnt

The Cross Product of vectors.jnt